Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bibliophiles of OK Nov/Dec. Meeting

It's been a while since I've posted an update on the Bibliophiles of Oklahoma. This is a collectors' group myself and a few other hearty souls have started. We meet monthly for informal meetings and some light-hearted bibliobanter. New people are always welcome. Our average number per meeting is staying pretty constant at 4-6, but the faces change frequently. Still hoping to get the numbers up. A more focused campaign next year may yield results. We'll see.

As Nov. and Dec. have big holidays at the end of the month, we'll go ahead and do a combined Nov/Dec. meeting on Thursday, Dec. 4th at Belle Isle Brewery. We typically have a table reserved for us under the name Washington Irving.

On the agenda this month:
Show and Tell:
Approve donation of Washington Irving volume to Emily Dickinson personal library project: Replinish the Shelves.



That dang isn't a short, forceful one, but drawn out, multisyllable: Daaaaa-ng.

Where has November gone? I'll tell you, though it is non-biblio content: Work. I work for a museum, and my time has been consumed over the last month to get a new exhibit out that I was in charge of. So, back to the book stuff for a bit. Hooray!

First, Chris at Book Hunter's Holiday has tagged me with the stuff that's going around. I didn't know she was contagious, besides the way she smiles when she writes.
1. Check
2. Check
3. A: My Mom once hit me with the car.
B: I'm one of those elusive under-30 bibliophiles. Barely. Heck, in this field, I'll be a youngster for another 20 years! Like being a museum curator. In 20 years I'll be "up and coming".
C: I took Hebrew in college. I wish I could say I studied Hebrew, but that would be generous.
D: If it is baked with cinnamon, it doesn't have long to wait until it is in my mouth.
E: I recently discovered the joys of Cuban jazz.
F: I whistle the theme song of Hawaii 5-0 at odd times (sorry Preach!) and often wake up with it playing in my head. No, I never played in a marching band.

4. I tag....
Bibliophemera (a great blog, who doesn't post enough! That sounds familiar.)
Archaeolibris (who has not blogged in a bit)
That's enough. I'm worn out.
5. Check
6. Check.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Seven Roads Flickr Group

One of my favorite websites in the bibliosphere is Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels. It was this website that gave me the idea for the American Book Trade Index. It is a well thought out, attractive, well designed website. Sadly, it has been over a year since it was updated, and emailing Seven Roads webmaster has not yielded a response. Wanting to see more and more book trade labels, I went ahead and started a group on Flickr, under the name Seven Roads Book Trade Labels. The idea of this group is that anyone can post images of book trade labels, and it won't be on just one person to upload these little gems. As always, if you have some to trade or sell, let me know. That's how I became the new owner of these beautiful Dutch gems.


Typographical trade card, Hollowbush and Carey

Nice typographical trade card from
Hollowbush & Carey,
Bland Book Manufacturers & Stationers,
No. 218 Market Street,
Paper Flour Sacks And Bags