Tuesday, November 25, 2008


That dang isn't a short, forceful one, but drawn out, multisyllable: Daaaaa-ng.

Where has November gone? I'll tell you, though it is non-biblio content: Work. I work for a museum, and my time has been consumed over the last month to get a new exhibit out that I was in charge of. So, back to the book stuff for a bit. Hooray!

First, Chris at Book Hunter's Holiday has tagged me with the stuff that's going around. I didn't know she was contagious, besides the way she smiles when she writes.
1. Check
2. Check
3. A: My Mom once hit me with the car.
B: I'm one of those elusive under-30 bibliophiles. Barely. Heck, in this field, I'll be a youngster for another 20 years! Like being a museum curator. In 20 years I'll be "up and coming".
C: I took Hebrew in college. I wish I could say I studied Hebrew, but that would be generous.
D: If it is baked with cinnamon, it doesn't have long to wait until it is in my mouth.
E: I recently discovered the joys of Cuban jazz.
F: I whistle the theme song of Hawaii 5-0 at odd times (sorry Preach!) and often wake up with it playing in my head. No, I never played in a marching band.

4. I tag....
Bibliophemera (a great blog, who doesn't post enough! That sounds familiar.)
Archaeolibris (who has not blogged in a bit)
That's enough. I'm worn out.
5. Check
6. Check.

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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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Biblioblogger said...

After a good deal of procrastination, I finally decided to reply to your tag on my blogs (Archaeolibris & Bibliophemera). You can see it on Bibliophemera. Thanks for reading and knowing that I was even out there. Keep up the good biblio work and good luck with the Flickr Trade Labels project (Seven Roads is one of my favorites, too). Happy hunting!