Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Seven Roads Flickr Group

One of my favorite websites in the bibliosphere is Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels. It was this website that gave me the idea for the American Book Trade Index. It is a well thought out, attractive, well designed website. Sadly, it has been over a year since it was updated, and emailing Seven Roads webmaster has not yielded a response. Wanting to see more and more book trade labels, I went ahead and started a group on Flickr, under the name Seven Roads Book Trade Labels. The idea of this group is that anyone can post images of book trade labels, and it won't be on just one person to upload these little gems. As always, if you have some to trade or sell, let me know. That's how I became the new owner of these beautiful Dutch gems.



Chris Lowenstein said...

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SolidusBooks said...

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