Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New site, new blog, new newb

New blog, new site, new ... everything

Did you know I have a new blog? A whole new *site* in fact? Yes, I still collect books, but I've been focusing more effort on writing, and if you'd like to stay in touch with me, explore and celebrate books, and especially if you're into mystery novels, then be sure you follow me over at my new site, benjaminlclark.com.

I regularly review books, talk about my work as a history museum curator, and of course, good mysteries.

From there, of course, you can sign up for my newsletter (launching soon), my facebook group (currently private, but send a request and I'll add you!), and pretty much whatever social media platform you like (I'm on most of them).

About the Author: Benjamin L. Clark writes historical mysteries and works as a history museum curator.


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