Friday, December 12, 2008

Bibliophiles on Facebook

I for one have resisted putting my mug onto facebook. For one, if I want to keep in touch with people, I will. I don't relish the idea of people from Auld Lang Syne chatting me up online. It's so something my little sister enjoys, which of course means it should be avoided so as not to appear immature.

However, one of the more astute members of the Bibliophiles of Oklahoma has pointed out that it may behoove us to create a group to spread the good word about BoOK. Three days after creating the Facebook group Bibliophiles of Oklahoma, we already have 13 members signed on, and most of these are folks who I've not heard from. Good news! Now lets see how many want to go to Archer City!

1 comment:

Chris Lowenstein said...

I want to go to Archer City! Too bad California is so far away. Maybe next time.