Friday, December 12, 2008

Bibliophile Field Trip


Saturday, January 24th. Booked Up in Archer City, Texas.

Depart OKC at 7am,

Legendary bookstore owned by writer Larry McMurtry. If you think you'll get a chance to sit down with the Pulitzer and Oscar winning author and shoot the breeze, don't bet on it. You won't even find any of his books in his bookstore. Seeing himself at the shop is a rarity.

The real prize in a visit to Booked Up is the book selection. Spread out through 4 large buildings is one of the best selections of used and antique books in the western US. Of the 500,000 books, you won't find trash. That is the most impressive thing. Not only the sheer quantity of books
offered, but the quality. Every book seems carefully selected based on subject, condition, scarcity, etc. Every time I've been, I found something truly unexpected. Don't expect throw-away pricing. Prices are fair considering the books available, condition, etc. Booked Up is one of *the* bookstores for pilgrimage for the true bibliophile.


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