Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Library History Blog

Larry Nix, Librariana collector extraordinaire has started a blog on Library History and Collecting. Larry has run several websites, each rich with material. For your enjoyment, Camp Funston Library in Kansas during WWI. Somewhere, a censor got a little crazy, although one could still read through the entire message. Offered on ebay a while back, and "one that got away".


Ward Clarke Griffing said...


I was blog searching on "Camp Funston" and found the postcard of the camp library where I spent many hours reading in my free time. I was highly amused by the overzealous censoring. I have recently posted up some of my letters from my days at Camp Funston. I plan to post more as I have the time in case you are interested in following along. -- wg

Anonymous said...

I don't think that those angry black ink strokes are evidence of WWI-era censorship. In fact, they appear to have been made with a felt marker of more recent origin. More likely, an heir of the writer or recipient of the card has been guilty of excessive concern for family privacy, going berserk with the smudging pen prior to selling an old postcard collection (or donating it to a charity).