Friday, February 6, 2009

Undercover Adventures


Can you hear it? The buzz, the excitement building? The rustling of brown paper grocery bags being counted by Metro FOL volunteers? We're a short couple weeks out from the 30th annual Friends of the Metro Libraries book sale. The fun begins for FOL members on Friday, February 20th. For the rest of you mere, unwashed, "avid readers", the sale will continue Saturday and Sunday. Knowing me, I'll be going all three days. This is the biggest sale in Oklahoma. One of my favorite booksellers come all the way from Nebraska to attend! So, if you can make your way to the Fair Grounds in Oklahoma City, you shouldn't be disappointed.

Since I neglected to set the date for the next Bibliophiles of Oklahoma meeting at our last meeting, I'm invoking Section 3 of the Samuel Beckett Clause, aka "Should we wait for Godot?". The answer, of course, is that our next meeting will be Saturday evening, after the FOL sale. The sale only runs until 5:30 pm on Saturday, so it's only logical. Mostly, because I'll be hungry then. Stay tuned to your communiques for location.


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