Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Posession

This past Saturday, while you were munching on cinnamon chip scones, I was on an epic book safari with nearly all of the Bibliophiles of Oklahoma. We crossed the state line into north Texas to visit Larry McMurtry's Booked Up. It was fantastic in the true sense of the word. The last image is of just the Books about Books section. I easily spent half the day there. In all seriousness, budget not being such an issue, I could spend about 4-5 days at Booked Up making my selections. There is a goldmine of ephemera waiting to be mined. Of course, I took my camera along, but managed to get no photos of the good folks who came along. This is normal for me (and my family). One reason I brought my camera was to take photos of book trade labels (came away with several) or bookplates that were particularly interesting. I don't have so much space and money that I can really afford to buy books only for the bookplate within. This ex libris, belonging to someone named Severett Belknap, who was a bookplate collector around 1900, I found particularly nice. It sums up my feelings, and the other Bibliophiles as well.

"A man never gets so much good out of a book as when he possesses it."



Chris Lowenstein said...

How did you know I was actually eating a cinnamon scone that morning? Thanks for posting about your trip. Great photos, and I love the bookplate!

aaronandbrighid said...

Boy, I really wish I'd gotten to go! Well, now I'll have to plan a special trip down there.

Chuck said...

Did you run into that old pessimist McMurtry? He gave a talk in Houston last week about the demise of the book culture. Hope y'all cracked his demographic for visitors to his bookstore. The book culture's future depends on it!