Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update: Book Label Flickr Group


It's been a little over two months since the launch of the Flickr group Seven Roads Book Trade Labels. We're now up to 9 members, which is ok, but the very exciting bit is we have 376 labels up, with new additions every week. This week, we have this very nice label from WH Smith & Son's subscription library, detailing subscription levels, and how Smith's gave "more bang for your buck", or ha'penny or whatever ridiculous clap-trap the English were doing with their money back then. Loyal label poster alan.98 has posted a couple other lending library labels as well. I very much like the agricultural library, but the label from Wray's Modern Library takes the cake. As Alan points out in his posting to the group:

"What a wonderful shop this must have been — you could not only buy books and fancy stationery but take out fire insurance and hire your servants too. You had to be quick and read your books in two days, though."

Flickr memberships are free (if you have a yahoo account, you already have a Flickr account), so why not take a minute, join Seven Roads Book Trade Labels group and post some of the little book trade labels in your own collection?

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