Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prodigious Bookstore, Iowa 1858

Seller's Description:
Dubuque, IA" Prodigious" Bookstore Illus Letterhead, 1858

Letter from Couch & Gilbert, proprietors of the "Prodigious" Store, a book store in Dubuque, Iowa. We're not able to interpret the illustration of the man with his arms in the air, but those are books on the shelves. Text is about the wholesale price of dictionaries. Letter sent to G & C Merriam, publishers of Websters. The note at bottom is in the hand of one of the Merriams, either George or Charles. Dated August 20, 1858. Condition: mailing/filing folds. Otherwise VG. 5" X 7 3/4".

Sold for $17.05 25 Sept. 08, not to me.

Advertisement for firm in publication dated 1860 found via GoogleBooks.


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