Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 Lincoln Public Libraries Book Sale

Hooray for books!  Hooray for libraries!!  And hooray for Lincoln, Nebraska.  I've missed you.  This annual autumn sale is one I grew up attending.  Every year (when Mom remembered) we'd go.  And over the years, I started remembering myself to ensure we got there to fill a couple grocery bags with treasures.  It's moved a couple times over the years, and I was looking forward to attending once more.

Ok, so it was a busy weekend, but I managed to slip over for the FINAL HOUR of the annual Lincoln Public Libraries book sale. Posted prices were a little higher than normal for FOL book sales in the region, but by Sunday afternoon it was "Fill a goodly sized box for $5!!"  I managed to nearly fill said goodly sized box, and gladly paid the $5 asked.  Lots of misc. from the "literary criticism" part of the world I love so much (author letters, essays, etc.) even some old bound editions of The Dial.

I only had about an hour, so I didn't get much through the fiction section ... requires to much browsing to find good candidates.  For me, nonfiction is a much higher ratio of serendipity and success.

The sale for 2014 was held at the "new" Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I say "new" because it really isn't very new any more.  But it is to me, the Exile who has wandered far from home and has returned to his hometown for a sojourn, I think.  Not permanent.  I think.  Why?  Life's funny, that's why.  But books are constant.

Points of note for anyone in the future looking: plenty of free parking, there were concessions available for purchase on site, and things were pretty well organized and kept tidy ... at least in the final hour!  Which tells me it was probably kept pretty tidy and well organized all along.

One thing that wasn't posted was that it was fill a box for $5 Sunday afternoon.  In fact, I think they still had the Friday prices posted -- I guessed it was something along the lines of "fill a box," but waited until it was announced over the P.A. to really start loading up.  You make different choices when it's $1 or $2 per book than you do at "fill a box" time.  Right?

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