Friday, November 11, 2011

Exile Bibliophile the Tumblr Edition

I've started an Exile Bibliophile tumblr edition, in hopes to lay groundwork for a podcast.  So, I'll have fewer of the posts like the previous here, but even more bibliophilic content in general.  You can find it here:  The tumblr will NOT replace or likely displace any posts here.  It'll be business as usual on the blog, but even more goodies here:  So, check it out already!


Chris Lowenstein said...

Nice tumblr. I love love love the photo of the bookmobile toy truck. I think a podcast is a great idea, so please keep us posted about when you do that. Thanks!

MrCachet said...

Benj. L CLark Co. !!! What a find. Do you know where it was?

Benjamin L Clark said...

Entirely fictitious. I made that one digitally. I used them to try to print cameo style labels for a Civil War history event in Oklahoma a few years ago. Digital cannot replicate the richness yet, (unsurprisingly) but it was fun.