Monday, September 12, 2011

1990s, Borders Book Shop, gift label

It sounds like this is the final week for Borders stores to be open. I happened to find this tiny label last week amongst some books for another project I'll talk about more soon. It was used to cover the printed price on the back of a trade paperback-- I imagine they were used inside dust jackets as well at that time-- my book was from 1992 (iirc). Really a tasteful solution to keep people from price clipping dustjackets or gouging off prices off the rear cover of a paperback. Now in my collection of book trade labels, though a little different. I like it. Anyone ever seen different varieties? Anyone seen a price-cover-up sticker/ label from another bookshop?

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1 comment:

Brad Wirz said...

Nice find! It does make me think of the interesting things we find in used books... old airline tickets, purchase receipts, etc. from years past. Sometimes you remember what you find, sometimes it's from a previous owner. I'll bet someone could start a blog of nothing but these interesting little finds!