Monday, July 11, 2011

Smallest Ex Libris?

Starting to get moved into the new place. I promise, photos soon. I've finished refinishing the wood floor in the library. Unpacking a box of my things I haven't seen for a year, I found my album which houses my modest ex libris collection. Browsing amongst these treasures I found what I believe would vie for the smallest ex libris. I mean, it's tiny. I'm pretty sure it's a return address label that has been appropriated into a teensy, but affordable ex libris.

I began to think of smaller markings, like book branding, armorial stamps, other ink stamps, etc.--- but they aren't true ex libris. So, is it indeed the smallest? Probably not, I think another I've uncovered here was perhaps smaller, but a guy can hope.

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BeauW said...

I have a memory of seeing exactly this style of exlibris offered as an incentive to join a mail order bookclub back in the late 70's early 80's. (although I might have seen it in a much older magazine)