Thursday, February 4, 2010



Do you have some favorite biblio-twitterers? I do. They are often my favorite biblio-bloggers as well. If you have some recommendations, let me know!

Here's my list:


Monday, February 1, 2010

OKC Metro Libraries FOL book sale!

It's almost here. One of my favorite holidays.

It's the 31st Annual Friends of the Library book sale here in OKC Feb. 19-21. Once again, the booksale to end all booksales in the state of Oklahoma will be at the State Fair Grounds in Oklahoma City. Folks, seriously, if you love books, and you can only attend one local sale, this is the one. Sure, it isn't the cheapest, but it's awful close, and nobody can come anywhere close to the number of books for sale. Just click on the clicky bits on the side that say FOL book sale to get an idea of years past.

Now, the 19th will be the "Members Only" sale on Friday afternoon, which will find you standing in line with the thousands of other members of the Metro FOL. And I mean it when I say thousands and all day. Doors don't open until 5:30pm, but you can bet your sweet pippy-longstocking folks will be lined up playing go fish early that morning.

For further info, be sure to visit the official website of the 2010 Metro FOL booksale:

Come score some books, make some new friends and support the libraries. Also, be sure to bring me a coffee, would you? Black. A cookie too? You're too sweet. I'm the guy in the second row, behind the hand-and-foot canasta game.