Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily Dickinson!

Happy Birthday to Emily Dickinson, who was born this day in 1830.

The one thing we were able to accomplish (really) during my time with the Bibliophiles of Oklahoma, was a donation of Washington Irving volume to Emily Dickinson personal library project: Replenish the Shelves at the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Washington Irving has an interesting connection to Oklahoma and was our choice there. I wonder if there was a Montana connection to Emily Dickinson's library. I may need to get her a birthday present.



Anonymous said...

But we did have a good beer or two (and the company wasn't bad either!) I've tried to reach you several times recently by email, but they might not be getting through. I'm at the same address--we need to catch up! Hope you're all doing well...


Nancy B. T. said...

Montana connection: Well, for starters (1st page of google hits), there's an Emily Dickinson elementary school in Bozeman: