Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fine Books & Collections Blog 2.0

The finest bibliophilic publication in the USA has gone 100% digital. Except the annual, so actually 90% digital. Oh, and the publishing they're getting into... 85% digital. But according to "them", the Fine Books website had 45 times more hits than the magazine did subscribers, so we're back up over 100% again. That doesn't sound right. I was a history major, you do the math.

I say all of that to say this: I'm excited. At first I felt angry, betrayed, and a trifle weepy for the scrappy can-do magazine that made us love them over a couple short years. But I was only mad until they invited me to the party. Book collectors have no shame. None.

The new Fine Books & Collections blog will be written by a small flock of bloggers and I get to be one of them! And all the nerds yell Huzzah! The other bloggers are likely well known to all of you already, but will give a good cross section of the bibliophilic sphere. I'm very happy to see Scott Brown, the original editor of the magazine involved in this project especially as we don't get to hear from him much these days. We'll have rare book dealers in from the snootiest auction rooms of large cities where they have taxi cabs. We'll have new booksellers, old booksellers, kind and cranky, academics, and publishers. And me. They think I'm a librarian. I've also been mistaken for being named Barry, so there's no accounting for some things. Over at FB&C, I'll represent we who do not reek of globtrotting ozone, and only ooze trace amounts of green insidious envy onto our cherished tomes while reading of the book fairs, auctions, readings, and sightings. I promise, it'll be good.



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