Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leopard Bikini Found in Book

Yep. Had another book safari for the ages. I found some great books for myself, but also found a book on Hawking. I'm not interested in hawking, personally. Don't get me wrong, training raptors to hunt for you is cool, but I already have too many hobbies.

However, if you're like me, there is never quite enough money for the books I want, so when I find other interesting books I know are collectible in their own right, I pick them up and send them along to more appreciative owners. For money.

Flipping through the book once I was home, I found a great flyaway. Flyaways are the little bits of stuff we leave in our books to be found later. Receipts, movie tickets, torn off bits are the norm, but I once found a chocolate chip and 30+ year old pornography. Not in the same book, though. Some old-time booksellers refer to flyaways as "hay" though more and more collectors, booksellers, and antique dealers now refer to it as ephemera.

I know you doubt it, but the post card is actually hawking related. The Rare Bird Farm in Miami Florida sent a message to the effect "No, we don't have hawks". Photo by Bunny Yeager. Now to decide if I should sell the postcard separate on ebay, or just leave it in the book where I found it for the next guy.


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