Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bookbinding Tool Mystery?

I bought this for $5 a while ago. I have no idea what it is. The seller proudly proclaimed it was a very antique bookbinding tool. No, he didn't know I have an interest in bookbinding, so I wasn't baited. Too badly. Anyway, does have a bit of age on it, wood turned screws, etc. It is not very big, and hinged at the back. I think it's the back. It has been used a lot, the screws have worn corresponding holes in the board they push against. Of course, there are no markings. The only thing I can think of is it is used to trim small text blocks. One photo has a standard sized Zebra ink pen for scale. Anyone?


pzillig | vuscor said...

hi, what a nice finding!
This is IMHO an early ‚lumbeck press’; in englisch words a press for ‚best bind’ technique.
And so it may work: Close the back, screw the spindles up, put the paper stack(s) in, add silicon papers between for proper separation, top with board - and so on, fix all with the spindles, open the ‚backdoor’, glue with special best bind glue, let dry for minimum 4 h, separate, ready.
What do you think? :–D

Anonymous said...

I agree, vuscor. It's usually called a 'padding press'. If this is not what it was meant for then it would certainly work as one — put a stack of paper in with the door shut, tighten the screws, open the door and paste the edges.