Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fraud / Approved Forgeries / Misunderstanding

Nearly every blog in the bibliosphere has posted on the Craig's List ad for forgers. To sum, the ad is seeking folks to: "ghost sign copies of a newly released book on behalf of the authors. You will need to be able to copy the look and style of both author's signatures." No one has been able to get a hold of the firm advertising for these "ghost signers".... until now.

I just got a very tired young lady on the phone and asked about the position. She said, "It was a mistake. A big misunderstanding. That project is not going forward." She said the ad was, or should be, taken down already. I asked which authors it was for, and she said she was not privileged to give out that information. I asked which publisher and got the same answer only more curt.

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Anonymous said...

I had the exact experience about 15 minutes ago. She offered nothing except "it was all some kind of terrible mistake" and said the ad was taken down right away. She wanted to know my name and where I got the information. I said it had been forwarded to me - she wanted that name. The local CBS consumer reporter has a copy of the link to the ad, as well.

The text of the ad is posted on the eBay Booksellers Board, thanks to zlinda.